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Quote of the day

When you prefer confiding to strangers instead of your friends, and when you feel better following random strangers’ accounts online than friends’…

That’s a weird state to find yourself into! ????

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To Read: “The Web’s Grain” by Frank Chimero

From Frank Chimero’s text:

“There’s a quote:

“We begin in admiration and end by organizing our disappointment.”


Now, this is a bit pessimistic—he is a French philosopher, after all—but right now the statement does ring true for the technology industry. Think about the weight we’ve added to the world: attention-greedy devices and services, new business structures that turn out to reinforce existing inequalities instead of working against them, technocratic blowhards, never mind the surveillance shit storm we all now must navigate.

How could any self-aware person who works in technology not start to organize their disappointment? It’s gotten to where several of my peers are floating half-hearted speculations about their next careers. This isn’t good: you want the talented and mindful people to stick around, not get husked out, then leave frustrated, exhausted, and conflicted.”

It’s that “Luddite period” of the year for me ?

It’s that time of the year, again…The time when just seeing a computer makes my skin crawls, my eyes roll all the way back to the back of my head, and where my brain just…shuts down.

I have that urge again.

The urge to just drop everything tech-related, and isolate myself in a cabin. Far in the woods. Far from society. For at least a month every year (and since I’ve been working in my work field – that is now 18 years! fucking wow!), I’ve always had that “urge” to disconnect and stop touching a computer. Code nothing. Design and play nothing on a computer. Just….not touch a damn computer. Like if my life would stop right there if I touched a computer. Crazy, i know, but that’s the feelings I felt every single time I was/am in that mindset. I kinda find it infuriating. And debilitating. Especially when I need to work, you see. Because, well…I need to gain money to life? And normally, juussstttttt normally, I don’t hate my work?

Yeaaahhhhhh, kinda a bad timing, that urge ?

I also have some physical symptoms, where I want to cry, or puke, or I just become aggressive when I see a computer. Crazy, uh?

So I managed to grab some tips and advice, to survive that period of the year where I just feel like a fucking Luddite:

  • no touching a computer outside of work. like: REALLY no touching after I leave the office.
  • no reading books or online feeds/blogs/sites related to anything tech/web
  • disconnect by watching numb TV shows
  • bingeing through my Netflix huge to watch  list!
  • read! Read, read, reaaaaddddddddd many books: history, scifi, fantasy, etc…
  • take walks, and go on urban exploration and photo walks
  • just sit on my balcony and watch the clouds move by
  • run and play and talk with my daughter
  • no tech conference or meetups
  • no helping friends with their websites
  • sleep!
  • go out with my friends

So yeah….it’s that time of the year, again. Lucky for me, this time, it’s happening during summertime. At least I can enjoy tons of outside activities and procrastinating moments in the sun, I guess 😉

Who else has this type of feelings?